Recently Sony released Android 6.0 but they taken out the most valuable functions “Stamina Mode”, this made a lot of Sony users disappointed. Using the same apps and usage per day, Android 5.1.1 normally can handle upto 1.5 days while Android 6.0 can only use upto 0.5 day. What I know is they said “Stamina Mode” migrated with Google Doze but perhaps most people don’t know how to use or it is not working properly in Sony Android 6.0


I tried to study the issues online, searching related materials but can’t find any of them working but only seeing a lot of people complaints on this upgrade. I start searching the option for downgrade and would like to share here.


Firstly you will need few tools and steps. (p.s. I am using Windows 10 x64)

Flashtool 0.9.20 – Sony Mobile Flasher by Androxyde

Flashtool drivers need to be installed in your windows for recognize your phone in flashmode

Charge your phone at least 50% or above (Sony recommends 80%)

Backup all your files stored in internal storage

micro USB cables to connect your Xperia phone and PC

an old version of Android system image (refer to XperiFirm)


Flashtool can be downloaded here


I would assume you have Flashtool ready right now, next step will be downloading the old version of Android system image using XperiFirm which can be found inside a button of Flashtool as the cursor shown below. It will automatically download the latest XperiFirm (current version 4.9.0)

2016-04-23 16_29_19-Program Manager

Select your phone and Check All to list out the available versions

2016-04-23 16_33_18-Program Manager

There are not much difference on different on operator (default operator apps and logos)

32.1.A.1.185 is the software version, you may search online to check it refers to which android version

If you want to downgrade, normally scroll to the bottom and find market “Internal” Operator “Commercial and Journalists” which will be the latest version when release to market (p.s. I am not sure on that). Click on it and go to the right panel then click on the number. It will then prompt a window to download as below. It will store to your personal Download folder which usually in C drive.

2016-04-23 16_39_12-XperiFirm

After download completed, you should able to find a folder named as the version you have downloaded. (e.g. “E5823_Commercial and Journalists_1296-6653_32.0.A.6.152_R4B”). You may now close XperiFirm.

Go back to Flashtool and create a FTF file using the folder you just downloaded.

Flashtool -> Tools -> Bundles -> Create

2016-04-23 16_44_29-Greenshot

Select the folder you just downloaded in the button of “Select source folder”

2016-04-23 16_46_41-Search

Fill in the blanks for all the fields below then select all the files in folder list, afterwards press the arrow in the middle of 2 boxes to place them in firmware content. Finally, press the button “Create”.

2016-04-23 16_47_51-Search

Wait for few minutes, you will then see a FTF extension file in your home directory.


(e.g. E5823_32.0.A.6.152_Commercial and Journalists.ftf)

Go back to Flashtool and click the “Lightning button”, then select Flashmode

2016-04-23 16_53_39-Sony Mobile Flasher by Androxyde

Select the version you just created and remember to check the boxes under Wipe, otherwise some system process will be crashed due to incompatible version of system files being flashed as the error message shown below.

Change the source folder if you files are stored in different directory

2016-04-23 16_55_16-Search

Error message if not checking the wipe boxes


To flash your phone, please follow the steps below

Power off your phone (after backup)

Hold volume down button (do not release until flashtool showing you are in flashmode)

Connect micro usb cable with your Xperia phone and PC

Do not touch your phone until flashtool shows the below message in the log box

22/006/2016 03:06:48 – INFO  – Flashing finished.
22/006/2016 03:06:48 – INFO  – Please unplug and start your phone