One of our readers reported a problem saying: “I always receives ActiveX warning when ever I try to play any flash animations form cd or hard disk location“.

If you are unaware about the problem see the snapshot given below.


When this problem appears it displays a new window (as shown in the image above) in the containing this message given below:

To protect your security,Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer.Click here for options…

You may check the option which says: “Do not show this message again” checkbox and click OK then the page will display without ActiveX content.

Note: In short all the .swf files or flash animations are ActiveX controls which Internet Explorer blocks before playing.

Let’s see how can you fix this problem and what is ActiveX.

What is ActiveX content?

ActiveX is a component object model (COM) developed by Microsoft for Windows platforms. Software based on ActiveX technology is prevalent in the form of Internet Explorer plugins and, more commonly, in ActiveX controls, ActiveX based applications launched from web pages.

Now lets see how to fix this warning.

Method 1: (Temporary Way Out)

In order to view the JavaScript or the ActiveX content on the page and see your menus working, you will have to right click the Information Bar that has appeared at the top of the page and select allow blocked content. (as shown in the image below)


After this it will prompt you with a message box saying “Are you sure you want to let the file run active content“.

Method 2: (Permanent Solution)

In order to solve this problem for permanently in Internet Explorer you will have to set some options to allow this blocked or ActiveX content.

Follow the steps below to allow ActiveX content.

1. Open Internet Explorer , go to Tools >> Internet Options

2. Click on Advanced Tab and scroll down to find the Security section.

3. Enable the checkbox labeled “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer” and “Allow Active Content from CDs to run on My Computer”.


4. Click Ok, close Internet Explorer and restart it, after restart you will not see any ActiveX warning when you play any active content like flash animations, JavaScript menus on web pages etc.