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We maintain the #1 list of Dynamic DNS (DDNS) providers online. Dynamic DNS is a method that allows you to notify a Domain Name Server (DNS) to change in your active DNS configuration on a device such as a router or computer of its configured hostname and address. It is most useful when your computer or network obtains a new IP address lease and you would like to dynamically associate a hostname with that address, without having to manually enter the change every time. Since there are situations where an IP address can change, it helps to have a way of automatically updating hostnames that point to the new address every time. Enter DDNS to the rescue.

We are proud to be considered the top resource online for information on dynamic dns providers. This is a gentle, not-too-technical introduction on it, how it works, and a comprehensive list of mostly free providers. We have also provided some dynamic dns reviews on various hosting companies to help you better decide who to choose!

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Name URL and domain selection Subdomains? Domains?
(June 2011)

Domains: *.user32.com, *.tftpd.net, *.wow64, etc (12+)
Free VPN Also Available

Free Free
(June 2011)

Domains: *.dumb1.com, *.wikababa.com, *.dynamic-dns.net, etc (100+)

Free $3/mo
(June 2011)

Domains: *.no-ip.com, *.servequake.com, *.sytes.net, etc. (21 domains)

Free (5 domain limit) $15/yr
(June 2011)

Domains: *.afraid.org, many many others (they list about 300. no, really.)

Free (donations encouraged) Free (donations encouraged)
(December 2011)

18 Subdomains Available

No Longer Free Free
(Pro: $15/yr)
(June 2011)
http://www.zonomi.com/ Free $10/yr
(June 2011)
http://www.zoneedit.com/ Free Free
(June 2011)

Domains: *.cjb.net

Free N/A
(June 2011)
http://www.zerigo.com/managed-dns Free (Pro: $19/yr) Free
(June 2011)

Chinese Domains: *.3322.org, *.8866.net, etc (quite a few, but seem to have trouble accessing their sites from US)

Free N/A
(June 2011)

Chinese Domains: *.xicp.net, etc (in Chinese)

Free N/A
(June 2011)

Domains: *.darweb.com

$100/year $100/year
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.cable.nu, *.optus.nu, *.evangelion.nu, several others

Reg Disabled Reg Disabled
(2 Nov 2002)

Domains: *.dns2go.com, *.idleplay.net, *.dynamic-site.net, others

$9.95/year $19.95/year
(June 2011)

Domains: *.net.dhis.org

Free N/A
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dhs.org

$5 (one-time charge?) N/A
(2 Nov 2002)

Domains: Unknown

Free (also for-pay options available) $4.99/month
DNS Exit
(2 Dec 2002)
http://www.dnsexit.com/ N/A Free
DNS Made Easy
(2 Nov 2002)

Domains: *.dnsmadeeasy.com, others

Free $4.95/year (up to 5 domains)
DNS Park
(8 Dec 2005)
http://www.dnspark.com/services/dynamicDNS.php N/A $8.95/year
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dnsd.be

5 Euro per year for the first
hostname; 4 Euro for additional
hostnames mapped to the same IP.
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.darktech.org, *.dtdns.net, *.etowns.com, others

Free $20/year
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dyn.ee, *.dynserv.[com/net/org]

Free N/A
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dyn-access.(com/net/org/de/info/biz),
several others

5 Euro/year (or more, depending on
name selected)
(5 Dec 2001)
http://www.dynamip.com/ N/A $3/month
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dynam.ac, *.dyn.ro, *.my-ho.st, *.irc-chat.org

Free N/A
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dyndns.dk, *.kyed.com, *.lir.dk, *.yaboo.dk

Free $10/year
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dyndsl.com, *.45z.com, *.au2000.com

Free N/A
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dynip.com, others

$35.95/year and up (based on domain name chosen) $159.95/year
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dyns.cx, *.dyns.net, *metadns.cx, others

Free 15 Euro/year
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.dynup.net

Free N/A (“coming soon”)
Easy DNS
(5 Dec 2001)
https://web.easydns.com/ N/A $19.95/year
Home PC
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.homepc.org

Reg Disabled N/A
Hotline DNS
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.hldns.com

Free N/A
Microtech Ltd.
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.freelancedeveloper.com, *.ohflip.com, *.microtech.co.gg, *.easydns4u.com

Free 20 UKP/year
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.minidns.net

Free (“with quota”) Free (“with quota”)
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.myserver.org, *.USArmyReserve.com, *.WidescreenHD.tv, several others

Free $24.95/year
(2 Nov 2002)
http://www.nettica.com/ N/A $25/year, $45 for 2 years
Open Domain Server
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.ods.org

Free $20/year for up to 5 domains
Planet DNS
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.planetdns.[net/org/biz/ca]

$19.95/year $49.95/year
(5 Dec 2001)
http://www.powerdns.com/ N/A Free for up to five domains, per email from site admin.
(2 Nov 2002)

Domains: *.prout.be, *.dyn.prout.be

Free N/A
(2 Nov 2002)
http://www.sitelutions.com/info/sldns N/A Free
Static Cling
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.staticcling.org

Free N/A
That IP
(2 Nov 2002)

Domains: *.thatip.com

$10 for up to 5 names $10 for up to 5 names
Turnkey Hub
(June 2011)

Domains *. TKLAPP.com
Cloud Services with Turnkey Hub, but pricing based on Amazon EC3

Free Free
TZO Internet
(5 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.tzo.com, *.tzo.net, *.tzo.org, *.tzo.cc

$24.95/year $59.95/year
$99.95/2 years
(9 Dec 2001)

Domains: *.yi.org,*.whyi.org,*.weedns.com,*.b0b.org

Free N/A
(June 2011)

Domains: *.xname.org

Free N/A
Widge DNS
(3 Dec 2002)
http://dns.widge.net/ N/A Free
World Wide DNS
(5 Dec 2001)
http://www.worldwidedns.net/ N/A $39/year

Can there be only one such feed?

Of course not. Here’s a few other lists of Dynamic DNS Providers and review sites:

DNS? What’s that?

DNS, the Domain Name Service, is responsible for helping the Internet to function as it does today. The Internet is divided into literally
millions of domains; each one has its own name.  DNS helps to translate that name into an actual location (IP address).

To a human, names like that (or ibm.com, or yahoo.com, or any of the
other four million domain names registered) make perfect sense.

Dotted Quads?

IP addresses consist of four numbers, each between 0
and 255. More or less. (Some blocks of numbers are reserved for a
variety of special purposes.)

But not to the computer.

The computer doesn’t have a clue. Computers work with numbers.
Computers use IP addresses (“dotted quad” numbers like to talk with each other on the Internet.

DNS is the middleman, translating domain names into numbers (and,
occasionally, the other way around).

  • Ultra DNS Provides a fairly complete offering for DNS.
  • ChangeIP.com – Allowing free third-level domains under a provided array of second level names, as well as user-provided second-level domains.
  • Constant Time Software – DDNS service, web forwarding, and domain registration.
  • Continuum CMDNS – Service enables users to have a static host name even if they have a dynamic or semi-dynamic IP address.
  • ddns.nu – Australian based DDNS provider. Commercial services and free entry level accounts. Remote update clients for many platforms, including Unices and Windows.
  • DHIS.org – Compatible with R3, R4 and R5 clients, and a listing of service providers from around the world.
  • DHS International – Low-Cost dynamic DNS provider allowing static hostnames to be mapped to dynamic IP addresses.
  • DNS Made Easy – Offers DNS services for any domain, provides tools to manage and update DNS for domain or subdomain.
  • DNS Park, LLC. – Web-based domain name management services with forwarding, and redirection.
  • DNS Wizard Corporation – Offers web-based remote DNS management.
  • DNSDyn.com – Service provides domain name servers for the DSL, cable or dialup modem user.
  • DNS2Go – Service provides a dynamic IP address the ability to run any kind of server from any Internet connection on any platform, including Windows and Linux.
  • dns.widge – Web based creation and management of DNS services.
  • Domain DNS – Free DNS and forwarding service provided by Baremetal.com.
  • DSL Vdns Service – Service allows users with ADSL, DSL, ISDN and Cable modem type connections to run web server software over Dynamic IP connections.
  • DtDNS – Offers DNS hosting and related services to home users and hosting firms. Free Dynamic hostnames, custom nameserver branding, e-mail forwarding and spooling services.
  • Dynamic Network Services, Inc – Offers DNS services, domain registration, mail services, and web redirection.
  • DynamIP.com – The Dynamic IP addressing system with client application, and DNS provider.
  • dyn.ca – Dynamic DNS hosting from Canada, free service for Internet users that require a permanent hostname.
  • www.dyndsl.com – Free Dynamic DNS and Domain Names
  • DynDNS Info – DynDNS FAQ and information.
  • DynDNS Information – Contains an overview of Dynamic DNS.
  • DynDNS.dk – Free Dynamic IP Hosting with support for Danish, English, German and French languages. Also features IP redirection, Site down messages, URL redirection, and MX records.
  • Dyn.ee – Dynamical Domain Name Server, offering free dynamical domain names to dial-up users and ISDN. Forum available.
  • DynIP – Provides DDNS, allowing you to put the server for your domain name on a dial-up connection.
  • DyNS – Dynamic and static DNS service, domain registrations. Free and premium services.
  • Dynu Systems Inc. – Provides dynamic DNS service, email alias, web redirection, and develops and sells ASP components for Active Server Pages.
  • Dynup.net – Dynamic DNS service, provides privacy policy, statistics, and servers listing.
  • Eastwind – Web and email redirection services
  • EveryDNS.net – Provide static DNS services as well as many advanced services such as Dynamic DNS resolution, secondary service, AXFR service, and domain2web redirection.
  • FreeDNS – Free domain hosting and subdomain hosting, using domains others have submitted.
  • GnuDIP Dynamic DNS – Server software for giving Dynamic IP addresses, static domain names.
  • HN.org – Provider of free static and dynamic DNS services, with FAQs, and Hammernode tools.
  • HomePC.org – Offers dynamic subdomains, email and web page forwarding.
  • IWAS2 Tech’s DNS Services – Static and dynamic DNS services, URL redirection, and email services. Clients are available for Windows and Java version, available for Unix, Linux and Macintosh/Apple.
  • Microtech Dynamic DNS – Provides services including free basic Dynamic DNS accounts, hosting of full domain names, backup MX servers, and secondary DNS service
  • miniDNS.net – Free domain parking, dynamic DNS, and DNS management
  • 2MyDNS.com – Offers DNS services, such as Dynamic DNS and Web Redirect.
  • MyServer.org – Free Dynamic DNS, sub domains and managed DNS services. Web based update utility. No banner adds or nag-ware, totality free sub-domain service.
  • Nicolas’ Internet Services – Offers dynamic DNS, hosting, web mail, and URL forwarding.
  • Nikhilino Online – Dynamic DNS (DYNDNS) service for .com .org .net domains. Client runs on all major operating systems.
  • No-IP – Provider of Dynamic DNS network services and URL redirection. Three packages available.
  • Open Domain Server – Dynamic DNS provider offering multiple free public domains and support for user-supplied domains.
  • PlanetDNS – Run your own web site, mail server, ftp server by associating a domain name of your choice to your currently assigned dynamic IP address. Works with cable, DSL, ISDN or dial-up connections.
  • RocketDNS – Provides DNS management for both static and dynamic IPs.
  • SelfHOsT – Dynamic DNS Service Provider
  • SolidDNS – Provides Dynamic DNS services and domain registration.
  • StaticCling – Static hostnames for your dynamic IP. Native clients are available for almost any operating system.
  • ThatIP.com – Dynamic DNS service allowing yourname.com or yourname.thatip.com.
  • theBBS.org DynDNS – Bulletin Board Service (BBS) oriented Dynamic DNS provider.
  • Tzolkin Corporation – Features include offline webpage, signon and signoff IP address control, and new change domain and change email functions.
  • Virtual DNS – The Virtual DNS service provides an alias for dynamic IP addresses to a static hostname.
  • WebReactor Networks – Offers Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) and email forwarding.
  • WebWatchMen – Offers businesses and individuals the ability to run web sites without a registered DNS name and/or static IP address.
  • WhyI Dynamic DNS – An affordable dynamic DNS provider
  • yi.org – Gives free domain names for dynamic IP’s, for dialup connections on all major operating systems.
  • yyWeb – Provides domain name registration, URL redirection, E-Mail redirection, and DDNS services for SOHO, DSL, and cable modem users.
  • ZA NiC – Free domains. Service policy, mailing list, and FAQ.
  • ZoneEdit – Simple and free web-based domain manager which allows you to safely administrate DNS, mail and web forwarding.

Source: http://dnslookup.me/dynamic-dns/

Source: http://www.inatech.eu/inadyn/dyndns_list.html