ClavierSetup.exe Clavier+ 10.6.432 bits Unicode version (26 November 2011, 555 Kb)

ClavierSetup64.exe Clavier+ 10.6.464 bits Unicode version (26 November 2011, 559 Kb) Clavier+ 10.6.4 – 32 bits non-Unicode version, manual setup (26 November 2011, 35 Kb) Clavier+ 10.6.4 – Clavier+ 64 bits Unicode version, manual setup (26 November 2011, 43 Kb) Clavier+ 10.6.4 – 32 bits Unicode version, manual setup (26 November 2011, 38 Kb) Clavier+ 9.5, old version (4 September 2006, 32 Kb) Complete source code version 9.5 (GPLv2 license) (5 September 2006, 61 Kb)

Clavier+ is available in 5 languages: French, English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian.

Source code hosted on Google Code.


Main window of Clavier+

The keyboard shortcut Windows + N is associated to Notepad.

Clavier allows to create keyboard shortcuts using almost any keys, including the Windows key (around the Space key).

The created shortcuts can be associated to programs (to launch) or text (to write). Bored to write your E-mail address? Create a universal keyboard shortcut to write it: it will work under Word, Excel, and your favorite Internet browser!


  • Create global shortcuts, available in all programs
  • Fast program launching
  • Fast text writing with a single keystroke
  • Small and fast program: only one EXE of less than 100 Kb, no data in the Registry, setup program not required

See the help file for more information about Clavier+.


Comments: Strongly recommended if you want to open apps in pc using shortcut keys on keyboard !