Just testing but not the maximum performance, and I think AMD cannot go further to 1866Mhz. As I remember 1840Mhz is able to boot and enter windows, but 1866Mhz can able to boot only and failed to enter windows which prompt me for system configuration error when loading windows. If 1866+, system is unable to boot and restored to default settings/ limited settings after shutting down manually and turn on again.

For this Team Elite DDR3 1333Mhz CL9 2GBx2 only costs HKD 140 per each which are bought on January this year. It can reach performance as followings:

1066 CL6-6-6-18-22-1T @1.5V, 1333 CL7-8-7-20-30-1T @1.5V, 1333 CL8-8-8-20-30-1T @1.35V, 1600 CL8-9-9-20-30-1T @1.5V, 1667 CL9-9-9-24-33-1T @1.5V, 1800 CL10-10-10-30-40-1T @1.5V

Not the best, but the C/P ratio is excellent!! For normal use, 1333 CL8-8-8-20-30-1T should be the most ECO Friendly. XD…