AMD’s Bulldozer-based newgeneration processors forfull of excitement waiting to expire.Muchverymentioned in our news asfive studies yeargoes back to the microprocessor architecture and the architecture codenamed Bulldozer basicThe new-generation FX processors, AMD’s official roadmap to be held in June awith series of events will be available.

Microprocessor design new aAMD Bulldozer architecture perspective brought on behalf of greatimportancecarries. Establishing superiority in the face of generation of Intel’s Pentium 4 processors, the AthlonbutIn 2006, this rule leaves the Intel Core 2 processor family and a moreAMD tekrarlayamayanforBulldozer architecture can change the entire course.

Before the Bulldozer processor family, the details of AMD’s existing önnce productrange, the Intel solutions in the face how konumlandırdığına aLet’s take a look. Now you see in the above table,priceWhich AMD processor rather than a segment based on data and performance equivalent to Intel’s, which indicates that the model is prepared to understand.

This table will begin to change with the month of June. High-performance segmentforBulldozer-basednewpreparing the next generation FX processors, AMD Phenom II processor architecture, the input and the middle segment (K10.5) 32nm process technology and adapted version of the GPU, the Radeon HD 6000 series combines the design Fusion processors to offer.

Phenom processor family for the first time in the industry of “natural” offers quad-core design with AMD processors into the market, aThe first is getting ready to perform another. Bulldozer architecture formed on the four-and six-core versions of the FX series of processors simultaneously in the industry for the first time in 8-core desktop processors will be available.

AMD’s FX-8110 and named as the 8-core FX-8130P newprocessors, the industry’s first to be aslong aperiodDuring the 8-core processor family, will form one. According to Intel’s official road map is not clear what will come out with at least 2011 whenfor8-core modelWe know that planning.

AMD in the second half of the completely renovated a productrange and is preparing to break into. The upper segment of the FX series processors will be based on the Bulldozerfirm, Sub-segments of the L1ano code named Fusion that will offer a series of processors, these processors will be launched under the different graphicfeatures doubleand will be quad-core versions.

L1ano code-named Fusion processor, microprocessor architecture, in terms of significant differences compared to the Phenom içermiyorlar IIs. Updated code named Huskydesign, There are some optimizations on the architecture and the Phenom II newWhile several updates for production technology, which many expected to directly create a leap in performance.

FX processors based on AMD’s Bulldozer forgeneral details are known for a long time already. Hot Chip Conference in August and November in the past, AMDFinancialAnalyst activity and architecturesaid to be curious about some details of both processors. Before the test results soontechnicalfeatures to remember forThere.

AMD’s 32nm manufacturing technology newBulldozer-generation FX processor, the first stage, four different modelwill need to enter the market. Both of these models is 8-core, will be one of the six core and one quad-core. Three 95 Watts, Thefastthe one with the TDP of 125 watts future4MB or 8MB of L2 processors according to the model again and 8MB’a untilWill include the L3 memory.

Here’s AMD’s newgeneration processors forofficial statement of performance. This table is prepared on the PCMark and 3DMark scores in generalideaThe argument will be able to offer. PCMark FX processor rather than the results of the focuses for the Bulldozer 3DMark’tanforAMD graphics card in there because ownsystems, the Radeon HD 6670, Intel in the integrated front graphic unitto use red colorto bar trueon the assessment made in a datahave to say that.

Just based on the PCMark results in the table of fastBulldozer see that the 8-core FX processor.Because, look carefully, AMDnewkonumlandırdığını see a little bit in front of the processor, the Core i7-2600K’nın. But AMD, the comparison may be chosen as to why the Core i7-2600K’yı? At this pointfirmprobably, as a representative of the fastest Intel’s newest microprocessor architecture may have to compare the Core i7-2600K’yı butwhere the two importantdetail underlines forThere.

The first of these details in “The Core i7-990X” factor. Westmere architecturebasicthat is the most powerful member of the 6-core Sandy Bridge and 12 pre-threaded architecture, the Core i7-990X, Intel is still the most fastprocessor is being touted as. According to the company’s document-990X Core i7, Core i7-4 core and 8 threaded 2600K’dan succeeds to be faster by up to 45% in different applications.On the other hand the third quarterforIntel, the 3.6GHz at runningAlso plans to use the Core i7-995X model.

The second factor was the need to focus on Intel LGA2011 platform. Sandy Bridge-E series processors and X79 chipset will be launched in the last quarter of the platform. 15MB’auntilLevel 3 and equipped with memory capacity speedoverclocking-oriented features futureThe four-and six-core Sandy Bridge-M processors, the Core i7-2600 compared with the rate of up to 66% moretwo of the three models will be released in the first place will become faster and better than the Extreme Edition series will become available is specified.

According to the results of PCMark and 3DMark, AMD FX processor family, Intel’s Sandy Bridge, the existing models to succeed in capturing aslooks. Evenverythe increasing number of cores and memory capacity of the core applications, along with supporting architectureThanks to upgrades in the quad-core Sandy Bridge, take the difference may be in question. Moreover, AMDpriceAccording to AMD’s documentation because it seems to be competitive in terms of 700 dollarBulldozer level FX processor systems can be collected.

It seems that AMD newgeneration processors withIn front of the Intel teammay change because the $ 999 level, the 6-core processors forCore i7-2600K’nın exhibited performance had been threatening. The industry’s first 8-core processors, AMD’s aggressivepricingbe present with the top price segment, the six-core processors because they may reveal the need to review yenizden a single processor, a new generation of processor price performance systemwill collect an interesting table.

Bulldozer with the FX family withA series of processors on the performance of fusion değinelik shortly.AMDnewFusion Fusion A8-3550P will be the fastest processors. As can be seen sonuçlarındanda PCMark Fusion processors,architecturefar from being competitive in the face of Sandy Bridge point-based models. However,the integrated graphicThe color will change when the performance of the workasFusion seems to parallel processor since the 400-3550P A8, class uniquepromises a graphic and video experience.

AMD’s Fusion processors forplans important aThere are also surprises, multi-GPU support. If you wish, Fusion-A8 processor, built-3550PgraphicRadeon HD 6670 will run parallel with the unit. In this way, a powerful graphics package out parallel processor 880x that can be expected. If the driver problem, and multi-GPU configuration provides significant performance gains can be expected to yield even AMD, Nvidia’s Optimus-like technology will be marketed as a factor in addition to this installation.