This is my brand new graphics card – MSI6850OC (default overclocked 820/1100 @1.148V)

It is powered by Unlocked PhenomII X4 555BE -> B55 at 3200 @1.25V. Team Elite DDR3 1333 @1.35V.

The below temperature is stressed by OCCT GPU Stress test, it is harsher than Furmark…

I have tested its overclocking ability, it is able to overclocked

at 900 core speed and maximum memory clock 1200 with default voltage 1.148V

also, overclocking to 1000 core speed with additional voltage 1.188V is possible.

I can’t go further because I don’t have a very good power supply.

This is the GPU-Z captured by its camera icon at the right top corner.

The above screen captured after furmark stress test for 3 mins. It results in 82 degree maximum and 75W power consumption in furmark.

The following 3dmark11 marks is the Psocre for each testing of my MSI6850OC. Maximum up to 1000/1100 at 1.188V, but I won’t keep this settings!

test完, MSI6850OC可以上1000/1100行1.188V, 3DMARK11 PASS OK 
不過RESULT仲差過970/1150… 個分唔高主要係CPU冇OC, 如果唔係應該上P4XXX

900/1200 (3753)
920/1100 (3790)
950/1100 (3828)
970/1100 (3890)
970/1150 (3901)

依個要上到1.188V, 試過1.164V, 1.172V都唔得~ 
1000/1100 (3881)