AMD’s existing productpreparing to use the fastest processor for dual-core range. According to recent information from the company, 3.5GHz, running at 570 dual-core Phenom X2 Black Edition model II, is preparing to use the period from April to August. 45nmproductionCallisto prepared the design of dual-core technology have newprocessor, including a total of 512 Kb for each core memory capacity of 1MB of Level 2 and Level 3 the size of 6MB of memory available to the common two-core capable.

As with other models in the series, X2, 570 Black Edition, Socket AM3 Phenom II prepared in the form of heat powerdesign will be only 80 watts. The integrated memory controller and the processor will support dual-channel DDR3 to 1066MHz over the HyperTransport speed as the 4.0GT/saniye explained.

As mentioned above, from April to August period, 570 black edition Phenom II X2 expected sale price for the end user will be under 100 euro.