New details about AMD’s roadmap continues to come. According to information we receive, AMD, Bulldozer processors in addition to the existing product range will continue to update. Quad-core 3.6GHz processor family as the fastest model running at 975 Black Edition model, the agenda, the AMD Phenom X4, 3.7GHz, running at 980 Phenom X4 Black Edition model also prepared. Official road map will appear in the April-August period, the processor will be launched with a TDP of 125 watts and 900 series, except with increased clock speed will be other models with similar features.

Socket AM3 and 45nm process technology in the form of the Phenom X4 980, including a total of 512 Kb for each core 2MB of memory capacity and the size of kernels from Level 2 Level 3 the size of the public memory has the capacity to 6MB. With its integrated memory controller that supports dual-channel memory up to 1333MHz on the CPU, the multiplier under the Black Edition series comes in a clear and in doing so promises a high potential for overclocking.

Wow! The highest clocked AMD PhenomII CPU, shows the overclocking abilities and stability…

I think AMD may release 985 or 990 later, it can easily clocked to 4.0Ghz refer to user’s review!