AMD System Monitor is designed to display information about your system’s AMD products, and illustrate how your PC handles different GPU and x86 workloads.

The application window contains three information panels:

Basic Monitoring Advanced Monitoring
CPU / APU monitoring

  • shows cpu utilization across different cores
  • if an APU is present, a x86 vs GPU distribution will also be shown
CPU / APU monitoring

  • Detailed per core information including cpu frequencies (note: core frequencies provided are approximate and may not always be accurate)

  • Shows GPU utilization on installed AMD GPUs (includes AMD discrete, IGP, and APU graphics)

  • GPU engine frequency, memory frequency, and fan speed (if available) are displayed

  • Shows memory distribution and free memory as a percentage of total memory

  • Additional details includes system memory frequency and other system memory details



Simply run the SystemMonitor.msi  file to install AMD System Monitor.  Please note you will have to manually uninstall any pre-exisiting solutions via Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> AMD System Monitor


If one or more of the information panels does not appear for your system – most likely you can remedy this by resetting your system performance counters.  Run the following commands in a Command Line Window (type CMD into your windows start panel) to reset your counters:

cd  %systemroot%\system32
lodctr  /r