That’s already two weeks after purchasing MSI HD 6850 OC Edition (820/1100) during the computer festival 2011 inside the computer center in Sham Shui Po. Have you bought anything?? In this two weeks, I was busy on the maintenance of my relative’s computer which was bought in Jun 2010. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a dead motherboard and dead CPU were found. Luckily, both of them were RMA and changed a new one for me (motherboard was repaired products not brand new but 100% work and pass test, said by Hornington Computers Company). So, after more than one week of maintenance work, my computer has been changed.

AMD AthlonII X4 640 + ASRock 880GM-LE + Team Elite 1333 CL9 2GBx2 (previous system)

AMD PhenomII X4 B55 + ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 + Team Elite 1333 CL9 2GBx2 (current system)

AMD AthlonII X4 640 + ASRock 880GM-LE + OCZ Obsidian 1600 CL9 2GBx2 (relative’s system)

Both systems were quad core, but the difference was B55 had 6MB L3 cache while 640 without. On normal computer uses, there were not much difference. However, on gaming there was a litte bit difference, perhaps the reaction and the latency. On 3DMark11 Performance Test, 640+6850 got P3222 while B55+6850 got P3521, which was a 9-10% performance increased. The details for the mark which B55+6850 got and stress test:

For more details:

Stress test with prime95 had been done for 8hrs. B55 and RAM were able to work very stable with voltage 1.25V on 3200Mhz and voltage 1.35V on 1333Mhz CL8.

When B55 is unlocked to quad core the heat produced was a 125W CPU, using the stock cooler which is designed for 95W was not enough. Luckily, my friend had lent me his old AMD 125W stock cooler which was previously used on AMD PhenomII X4 920,. Although that one is also stock cooler, it had copper base for spreading heat more efficient. Having a B55 processor, I must buy a new CPU cooler la~ XDD