Yesterday, I was still running my new 555BE unlocked to B55 in stress test using vcore as low as 1.25V and 2hrs with prime95 without errors.

But after overclocking to 200×17=3400 without adding voltage, the system turns to become hang under stress test. Of course, 200×17=3400 can’t run with vcore 1.25V, and I’ve added to 1.3V step by step, but it still not working well, prime95 having rounding error problem. So, I’ve give up overclocking because stock cooler can’t go further more, the temperature is too high, max 62 degree is recommended. However, it is strange because when I run LinX, there are already errors in the first test (default 20 times testing for problem size 10000). So, I’ve change back using prime95 for stress test. Then, all cores face rounding error problem and I wonder why! A few moment later, I realized that it should be errors is memory and I run memtest immediately. It’s ture that the memory under 1600 @1.65V or 1066/1333 @1.48V, they still have errors in red. I can’t believe it, then I pull out all the ocz obsidian memory. After a while, I put one back to the ram slot, and run memtest for a moment, it results in no errors. After that, I change another ram for testing, same results. Finally, both ram inserted running dual channel, results in no errors for memtest. I think it should be application problem which written errors to the memory, but after power off memory erased and no errors again.

So, memory errors problem has been solved. Back to the B55 stress test in 3200 @1.25V. Rounding error still occurs, what are the problems??  Previously, it can run at that voltage very stable, but now =.=” Help me!!