Yesterday, I was still holding a blue screen CPU with code 1008FPMW which was bought in June 2010 and sold to relatives in Early August. My relatives complained that her computer usually blue screen, so I’ve checked and found that the motherboard and the cpu have some problems. So, I went to the wholesaler and ask for help on the blue screen problem. I told them I have put this 555BE on my current computer 640, but it still blue screen. Then, the engineer or the guy who tested the hardware said is there any stock? change a new one for him… That’s Great! I said in my heart~ Luckily, I’ve got a good code discussed online, said that 1046EPM is good cpu and it can unlock to x4 B55. The time consumes is just 15mins in the wholesaler office, and I went home.

After lunch, I put the new 555BE in my computer immediately, but I found that the stock cool is back to the noise fan foxconn not delta. Do you know what’s the differnt? Let me tell you then… foxconn can hear the fan noise when it is above 2000RPM, but delta can still be silent under 4000RPM. I hate the stock cool, I wanna to buy a better cooler, may be the universal cpu cooler which can fit many sockets!

Prime95 CPU Stress Test for 2 hours (but 4hrs are recommended for basic stability test)

Testing procedures:

1. installed the cpu and cpu cooler

2. turn the computer on and press del to enter bios, you will see 555 inside bios

3. set advanced clock calibration from disable to auto, save and reboot

4. reboot and return bios, you will see B55 inside bios

5. boot windows, new cpu installed please reboot

6. use prime95 to test for stability, i under vcore to 1.225V in bios and see 1.25V in cpuz

7. after few hours stability testing, max 63 degree at stock speed 3200Mhz (200×16)