For previous overclock testing on this CPU, it is able to run stable on 240×14=3360 @1.350V with dram 1600 CL9-9-9-25-34 1T @1.48V. Back to stock speed, I was surprised that my system unable to run stable in 1.175V on 200×15=3000. However, some changes have done. I have configured AHCI mode for my HDD to run with NCQ, and I have overclocked the IGP to 700 @1.30V, the screen freeze for a couple of times when having prime95 stability testing. So, I have load bios default and reset all settings to ensure my ECO mode first. First step, no overclocking on any devices (dram or IGP). By default, settings are dram CL9-12-12-30-33 2T @1.71V mentioned last time. So, I must manually set to CL9-9-9-25-34 1T @1.48V. Besides, IGP remain unchanged using 560 @1.20V by default. I hope to run 640 with 1.175V on 3000 speed. Testing stability for overclocking consumes lots of my time… Isn’t it?? But I am interested to do so, I wanna to change the CPU cooler @@