When Windows 7 is under beta edition Build 7100, I am already using it for a moment until to the RTM version Build 7600. However, due to some reasons, I have changed back to my previous Vista Ultimate. I have discovered that there is an annoying problem in Windows 7, sometimes explorer cannot reopen my folders which I have minimized in the taskbar, but I don’t know this is caused by my other applications or not. On the other hand, there is not only this problem, some of the applications will always blink, I wonder why it repeats to show “Not responding” and my applications blink all the times. It is very disturbing  for me. That’s why I forgive Windows 7 and use Vista, but it is not as slow as the others said.


Yesterday, one of my computer is still using Vista Ultimate. Although some people said that Vista use too much resources, I think my dual core notebook with 2.5GB ram is enough. However, there is a needed for my Computer TV, because a 30inch screen with resolution 1280×768 is too small for a user to see the text on the sofa far apart and this is the  reason for me to change back to Windows 7 again. The things that Windows Vista do not have is Aero Zoom, it can zoom the whole screen, for example 200%. That’s fit for my situation. Although I do not like the thick taskbar, and it uses combine to icons on taskbar, but I think its time for me to accept this settings.

In addition, Happy Birthday Eric 😀 for tomorrow. Have a nice day and take care! Try to use more time to exercise yourself, thus having a healthy life. Its worthy isn’t it ??

haha!! Like this?? as Rainbow said… 😛