Finally, I have created my own Blog. Too Late, Isn’t it ?? I will store most of the computer technologies here… I don’t think this Blog will be popular or even have people knew ~ I will just wait and see who will know this blog then. May be recommended by me, or just Wait…

I have really forgot wordpress, so this is my second Blog, but I will make it as my Main Blog. My First Blog is on Blogger –,  I will make it as my Backup Blog. As I remember, the first time I met wordpress was last semester, and the module is called Contemporary Communication Technology.Some of my classmates hate this module and Dino Ma who teach us in this module, but I think he is not so bad. Although he usually like to tease someone, he has his point of view, why don’t you think more by yourself and don’t keep asking me around.

We are required to use wordpress to create our own blog, not on We need to use web server (apache httpd)  and download wordpress from to create our own blog, it is very easy and I have finished immediately. The most difficult thing is using web server (apache tomcat) to run wordpress (it is using PHP), by difficult tomcat does not support running PHP, so we need to find an application to make PHP possible on tomcat.

An application called quercus for tomcat to run PHP. (A pure Java PHP Engine).

Packages Required: apache tomcat, Java JDK, mysql, quercus, wordpress