Android на iPod Touch iphone

Below for instructions from our visitors loxx45, which will help to establish Google Android on iPod Touch

Only for experienced users. At one’s peril

Before you begin, you will need:

1) iPod touch 1g jailbreak-th through blackra1n (with the Spirit will not work!)
2) Linux or VMWare c installed Linux (recommend Ubuntu 10.04) you can download it here
3) OpeniBoot you can download it here
4) iDroid you can download it here
5) iFunBox you can download it here

1) With the program iFunBox copy the files from iDroid (r amdisk.img, system.img, userdata.img, cache.img, android.img.gz, zImage ) in private / var /
2) Turn on Linux
3) Check the libusb, libreadline, libpthread
4) Create a folder openiboot in your home folder
5) Copy the files from the folder you created OpeniBoot ( loadibec, oibc, openiboot.img3 )
6) On the iPod-e log into recovery mode (turn off the iPod and then hold down the Home button for a few seconds and podsoedenite cable to the iPod-y)
7) Now open the console (in the upper left corner of the Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)
8) and type:

cd ~ / OpeniBoot
sudo  SU

9) Enter your password (it will not be displayed)
10) Type:

. / loadibec openiboot.img3

11) If you did everything correctly on the screen, iPod-and will be the third icon (iPhone OS, console, Android OS)
12) In the console type

. / oibc

but do not press Enter
13) on the iPod-e switch button, select the console and press the Home button and then immediately the Enter key on your computer
14) Now on your screen and iPod-and the console should say Welcome to OPENIBOOT, if not, hold Home + Power buttons until the iPod turns off and try to repeat the steps beginning with paragraph 9
15) If everything has turned out, congratulations you have completed the most difficult part, and almost set iDroid
16) In the console type


17) Wait until it is written refreshed image list
18) Enter


All you have set iDroid! On / off button, select Abdroid OS and press Home.
Whenever you turn on iPod-but you can choose what OS you want to run.

To turn off androyd go to settings -> sd card & phone storage -> factory data reset

If you want to remove androyd , start with 12 points and 16 point type instead of the install uninstall, then delete the files from / private / var

Video install Android on iPod Touch (I recommend watching in full screen mode)